Mountain Lion and iStat Pro

I'm using OS X at my MBP as a main operation system and iStat Pro widget
for Dashboard to monitor temps, processes, etc.
After upgrading to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion the processes section was not working.

Here is a small instruction to make processes be displayed again.

  1. Open iStat Pro widget directory, it is located in ~/Library/Widgets/iStat\ Pro.wdgt/
    or /Library/Widgets/iStat\ Pro.wdgt/ (in Finder you should use Show Package Contents in context menu
    of the specified folder to open the widget's contents);

  2. If you are using horizontal (wide) widget edit the Wide.js file and if
    vertical (tall) - Tall.js;

  3. Find function WideSkinController.prototype.updateProcesses = function(){ and
    replace all PID|$1 with PID| $1 (add space after pipe) in this section. So, you should
    get something like this:

WideSkinController.prototype.updateProcesses = function(){
	var _self = this;
	var exclude = "";
	if(p.v("processes_excludewidgets") == 'on')
		exclude = " grep -v DashboardClient | ";
	if(p.v("processes_sort_mode") == 'cpu')
		widget.system('ps -arcwwwxo "pid %cpu command" | egrep "PID| $1" | grep -v grep | ' + exclude + ' head -7 | tail -6 | awk \'{print "<pid>"$1"</pid><cpu>"$2"</cpu><name>"$3,$4,$5"</name></item>"}\'', function(data){ _self.updateProcessesOut(data);});
		widget.system('ps -amcwwwxo "pid rss command"  | egrep "PID| $1" | grep -v grep | ' + exclude + ' head -7 | tail -6 | awk \'{print "<pid>"$1"</pid><cpu>"$2"</cpu><name>"$3,$4,$5"</name></item>"}\'', function(data){ _self.updateProcessesOut(data);});
  1. Restart the iStat Pro widget and the processes list will be working again!